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Arnold, MO
9U Son/7U Daughter
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Subject: 9U Son/7U Daughter
Posted by: Heather Eller of arnoldathletic.com
I have a 9 yr old son with birthday 8/16/08 and a lefty who really wants to play baseball this season and I have a 6 yr old daughter with birthday 12/15/11 who wants to play coed tball, machine pitch, or softball. I went on the site about 2 weeks ago but couldn't go through the registration because I got a blank screen. I have tried to reach out to a few coaches on the forums but nothing has panned out and now registration is closed. Please let me know if there are any teams with openings. My name is Heather and my phone number is 314-640-9283. Thanks!  
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9U Son/7U Daughter  Heather Eller   11 months ago
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