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12 St. Louis Flames Elite Looking for a player
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Subject: 12 St. Louis Flames Elite Looking for a player
Posted by: Dennis Ryan of afftonaa.com
We are a new team focusing on improving player?s fundamental approach to the game, while preparing them for the next step in their playing career. We are a competitive independent team that practices and plays like an elite team. We are looking for players that have a good general knowledge of the game, and good athletic ability. We practice like we play that?s the key. We teach players to do their best at what they can control: their attitudes and efforts. Doing the little things is what makes you a great player. ?Baseball IQ? We will hold private tryouts at Major League Development. We will play 8 tournament 2 out of town & league play during the week. We are a Double A team close to a triple A team. Looking for Player with Heart and Passion for the Game. Please call 314-537-0882 my name is Dennis Ryan or e-mail me with any questions at denlos13@yahoo.com  
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12 St. Louis Flames Elite Looking for a player  Dennis Ryan   1 Year ago